Addictive matching puzzles using Mahjong tiles enter a new dimension on the Nintendo 3DS in MAHJONG CUB3D, an all new twist on an all time classic puzzler. Take on a huge number of increasingly more fiendish block puzzles, rotating the fully three dimensional play field to find the next two tiles to match and remove. Versus mode adds replay value and allows multiple people to enjoy the uniquely strategic, endlessly addictive nature of 3D Cube together!


Addicting Mahjong tile puzzles in 3D! As if the beloved matching puzzles using Mahjong tiles weren’t already challenging enough, full use of the Nintendo 3DS top screen and its 3D capabilities allows for a new dimension of strategic fun.

Cube, Versus, or Classic modes! Nothing adds more value and enjoyment to a handheld puzzle game than tons of variety and replay value, and that’s exactly what MAHJONG CUB3D offers.