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Edgar – Bokbok in Boulzac

Edgar – Bokbok in Boulzac is  a point-and-cluck adventure following Edgar and his beloved chicken.

Join 40-something eccentric outcast Edgar as he sets out to Boulzac to save his beloved squash alongside his trusty hen, and instead uncovers an unearthly …

Infliction: Extended Cut

Infliction: Extended Cut is a psychological horror game.

The “Extended Cut” of Infliction builds on the acclaimed and terrifying original Steam (Windows) release by adding bone-chilling new content. The edition includes additional endings, a New Game Plus mode packed with …

House Flipper

House Flipper

Have you always been a fan of makeovers?  House Flipper is a makeover game where all that matters is either flipping a property for fast cash or spending your hard-earned money on designing and creating your dream house, …


Hayfever is a frantic 2D platformer with a runny nose and tongue firmly in cheek. Postman Thomas is hopping, bounding and sneezing his way across 140 dangerous levels, delivering packages and recovering 240 lost letters, scattered by an unfortunate sneezing …

Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital is a humorous management sim game.

Design and build your own hospital.

Build up a hospital from nothing to a masterpiece as you design the most beautiful – or functional – healthcare operation in the whole of …


Grizzland features a true open-world setting focused on exploration, old-school questing without pointers and numerous secret areas to discover. Players will need to build up their skills, use items and unlock new abilities to overcome the enemy Dinos that stand


Draugen is a first-person mystery adventure that takes you on a beautiful (albeit increasingly dark) journey.

Graavik, Norway, 1923. You play Edward Charles Harden, an American traveller — and increasingly unreliable narrator — who’s come to Norway to find his …

Brief Battles

Brief Battles is an underwear-fueled party game.

Wage family-friendly underwearfare with powerful undergarments that bestow special abilities, from ranged sticky goo bombs with Toxic Tighty-Whiteys, to becoming an unstoppable cannonball with Buns of Steel. Claim victory against up to three …