Killer Queen Black

Killer Queen Black

 Killer Queen Black, the strategic action platformer , has triumphantly soared out of arcades.
Combining sports and combat into a thrilling 16-bit competition Killer Queen Black displays on a single screen like the games of the arcade


MageQuit is a multiplayer arena brawler for up to ten players — local or online — that battle it out over nine intense (but often hilarious) rounds of combat. Wizards can go solo in a one-mage-takes-everything free for all, or …



Featuring a striking art style that draws from both Western and Asian influences, MISTOVER is a roguelike dungeon crawler RPG with a strategy focused turn-based combat system. Players are charged with managing and leading a Corps crew on an …

80 Day

80 Day
On October 2, 1872, Phileas Fogg and his loyal valet Passepartout set out to win a hefty wager: £20,000 if they could make it around the world in eighty days.
Navigate a Dynamic World

Penned by celebrated narrative

Invisigun Reloaded

Invisigun Reloaded is a stealth battle adventure game.

Risk versus reward guides the player’s journey through challenging the world with local/online multiplayer and the full-length single player campaign. Environmental tells such as footprints, sounds, and other disturbances exposes opponents as …

Rebel Cops

Rebel Cops is a turn-based tactics stealth game set in the This Is the Police universe. In Rebel Cops, you control a squad of ex-police officers united by a desire to take down their town’s new criminal overlord. The spin-off …

Battle Supremacy: Evolution

Battle Supremacy: Evolution,  a sci-fi warfare simulator game.

Players can experience the thrill of vehicle-morphing combat where players transform vehicles from tank to drone to airplane in the heat of battle in a variety of single-player game modes.


Battle Supremacy – Ground Assault

Battle Supremacy – Ground Assault is a tactical war game. Boasting thousands of customization combinations, dynamic maps and a variety of missions, Battle Supremacy – Ground Assault is the definitive tank simulator

This tank-based military simulator puts players right in …