Broken Lines

Broken Lines is a unique take on the Tactical RPG genre — featuring a heavy focus on a narrative that shows the impact of war on the hearts and minds of a tight-knit squad of soldiers attempting to battle their …

Death and Taxes

Death and Taxes puts you into the role of the Grim Reaper – Death – on an office job. The choices you make, your relationship with your boss and the way you play will determine whether you will save the …

Sky Cannoneer

Sky Cannoneer is the spiritual successor to the arcade classic Rampart.

Modernized for today’s audiences and dramatically expanded in scope and features, Sky Cannoneer brings Rampart’s uniquely classic arcade-style gameplay into the 21st century – includes a full single-player campaign

Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt

Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt

The medieval building strategy game has a complex economic system that requires you to build production lines, trade efficiently and maintain a balance between tax revenue and the satisfaction of your townspeople. Your city will face …


Spaceland is a  Sci-Fi Tactical RPG.

The game drops players into the boots of a tough-as-nails tactical team of Space Rangers as they explore an alien world and defeat its vicious denizens in turn-based combat. Shoot, kick, hide, blast, …

Help Me Doctor

Help Me Doctor, a game that allows you to take on the role of a doctor.  In Help Me Doctor you can count on many patients struggling with different diseases as well as moral choices.

The player must take into …

Monster Viator

Monster Viator

After waking with your identity shrouded in mystery, you set out on an adventure across the world! Through deep emotional connections, more than 20 monsters can join you on your arduous journey. This new powerful RPG boasts a …

Hockey Manager 20|20

Hockey Manager 20|20 is a ice hockey management game.

Lead your favorite club in America and Europe, control the financial aspects of your team, train the players, and manage transfers, sponsors and merchandising.
Hockey Manager 20|20 includes 3D action-packed presentations

Hypercharge: Unboxed

Hypercharge: Unboxed is a cooperative First Person Shooter including Multiplayer (Split-screen/Online) with Wave based Tower Defense mechanics.

HYPERCHARGE Unboxed tells the story of Sgt. Max Ammo and his epic mission to defend the HYPER-CORE. Your task is to fulfill his …