NBA Baller Beats

The first ever motion-based sports video game that requires you to actively play using a real basketball. The music is your guide as you aspire to perform like a pro and practice your ball-handling skills while building stamina you’ll need for the court – all while having the fun of playing a video game.


NBA Baller Beats is a fun, high-energy, first-of-its kind basketball video game for Kinect that is unlike any sports video game on the market.

The game is extremely innovative; it requires you to actively play using a real basketball (which is included free with the game)!

Aspire to perform like a pro as you master ball-handling skills.

The music acts as your guide as you bounce the ball to the beats of a slamming soundtrack.

Features an eclectic mix of music across decades and genres, from hip-hop to rock to old school classics.