Bit.Trip Saga 3DS

BIT.TRIP SAGA 3DS is a compilation of the six games of the BIT.TRIP series originally developed as WiiWare and for play on various mobile platforms. A unique blend of classic 8-bit Arcade style graphics, and modern gaming elements, BIT.TRIP SAGA 3DS allows for a complete experience of this popular series acclaimed for its merging of the best of classic and modern gaming. Compilation features include: addictive Rhythm-based gameplay, chiptune-inspired soundtracks, a variety of gameplay mechanics, in-game guests and more.

The BIT.TRIP Saga Goes 3D on Nintendo 3DS

Originally developed as WiiWare and as individual downloadable games for Apple phones and mobile systems, the BIT.TRIP game series is now available from start to finish via Nintendo 3DS in BIT.TRIP SAGA. Anchored by the actions, adventures and escalating revelations of the personage of the of series hero, CommanderVideo, the six games of BIT.TRIP SAGA feature rhythm-based gameplay that blends classic Arcade style graphics with modern game elements and design. Each game in the series although brief features challenging gameplay and utilize differing classic Arcade gameplay mechanics and chiptune-inspired synthesizer soundtracks integrated into gameplay that make for unique and addictive gameplay that is destined to be a gamer’s delight on the Nintendo 3DS.

The Games:

Pong meets Rez in this nutty, Rhythm-based adventure that marks the beginning of the BIT.TRIP series hero CommanderVideo’s epic journey of the soul.

Game Features:
Ultra-precise Rhythm-based controls and crazy boss battles.

A crazy chiptune-inspired soundtrack
Special chiptune guest star Bit Shifter
Classic gameplay with brain-melting visuals.

Intriguing cut scenes that introduce you to CommanderVideo.


BIT.TRIP CORE is the second installment in CommanderVideo’s saga. The game again features Rhythm-based action, this time in which players control a ship know as the “core” positioned at the center of the screen and use its four-way laser to destroy geometric block patterns known as beats. Building score multipliers raises your game literally to new levels of ever addictive gameplay.

Game Features:
Classic Arcade style controls and beautiful boss battles.

A thumpin’ chiptune-inspired soundtrack.

Special chiptune guest Star Bubblyfish
Escalating mind-melting challenges
Revealing cut scenes.


BIT.TRIP VOID is a Rhythm-based game in which players take control of the on-sceen “void,” a black pixelated circle, which grows as it absorbs black blocks that it encounters, and in turn is negatively affected by white areas.

Game Features;

Mid-level checkpoints and epic boss battles.

A rockin’ chiptune-inspired soundtrack
Special chiptune guest star Nullsleep.

Synaesthetic music/art/gameplay interaction.

Hyper-realistic retro cut scenes.


Based in Platformer gameplay mechanics, BIT.TRIP RUNNER marks the first in-game appearance of CommanderVideo as players move him to the left or right, and prompt him to jump, slide and kick through 50 game level filled with obstacles and bosses.

Game Features:

Rhythm-based action platforming and classic Arcade-style controls.

50+ challenges and boss battles against robotic terrors.

A pounding Chiptune-inspired soundtrack.

Special Chiptune guest star Anamanaguchi.

Meet new in-game friends of CommanderVideo.


Discover CommanderVideo’s true face as you annihilate everything in your path in this strategic Rail-Shooter, filled with enemies, allies and special weapons.

Game Features:

Collect power-ups to call on.

CommanderVideo’s friends for powerful shot upgrades.

A chiptune-inspired dubstep soundtrack helps bring the action to a whole new level.

Video game worlds collide with appearances from Super Meat Boy and Mr. Robotube.

Escalating mind-melting challenges
Chipmusic artist Minusbaby helps set the tone with a special guest appearance.


CommanderVideo’s final adventure, BIT.TRIP FLUX contains a blend of the Rhythm-based gameplay from the original game in the series as well as select elements found in the other previous games in the series.

Game Features:

New power-ups including the full screen paddle.

New beat types including ‘Avoid Blobs’
Mid-level checkpoints.

Classic BIT.TRIP BEAT gameplay now with all the modes including the new Meta Mode.

Bit Shifter returns as the Chiptune guest star.