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Combat Wings: The Great Battles of WWII

Combat Wings: The Great Battles of WWII is an aerial shooter which places players in the vanguard of Allied forces in the most crucial air battles of WWII. Featuring more than 25 historically authentic and upgradable American, British and Russian aircraft, players can choose to take command in the all-out fun of arcade mode or opt for the tactically diverse 20+ combat missions that make up the game’s simulation mode as they relive classic aerial World War II scenarios including the Battle of Britain, the Eastern Front and the battles of the Pacific theater.


When millions of soldiers and thousands of tanks clashed on the fronts of World War II, an even more dramatic battle was being fought above the blood soaked battlefield of the Earth. All across the globe, heroic allied pilots desperately tried to gain air dominance. In Combat Wings: The Great Battles of WWII players join that historic struggle as they defend Great Britain against the German Luftwaffe, take part in the monumental efforts of the Red Army on the eastern front, or exact revenge on the Japanese air forces as an American pilot over the Pacific. Regardless of the theater of battle players must stay focused, as split-second decisions provide the difference between victory or death in the air.


Combat Wings: The Great Battles of WWII, an action-packed aerial shooter for Nintendo Wii featuring both simulation and arcade modes. The game contains more than 20 combat missions that run the gamut from providing escort and cover for bombers being used as target practice by enemy bogies, to head-to-head dogfights against aces of the axis powers. In these missions players have access to over 25 historically correct airplanes, including American, British and Russian machines. All of these can be upgraded with success in the air and pilots performance in the cockpit is rated by a unique mission performance evaluation system.

Key Game Features:

Over 20 combat missions featuring main battlefronts of world war II (Battle of Britain, Eastern Front, Pacific).

Several types of missions to perform – from dogfights and escorts to bomb runs.

Over 25 airplanes, including American, British and Russian machines.

Unique system of mission performance evaluation.

Possibility to upgrade your airplane.