Curses ‘n Chaos

When brawny bounty hunters Leo and Lea are cursed by Algarr the Wizard King, they’re swarmed by all manners of creatures and monsters! Alchemist Allison knows one way to get rid of the curse: The Elixir of Life! But the only way to get the Elixir’s ingredients? Smash all the monsters.

Smashing monsters is the only way to escape death itself in this single-screen brawler! You must fight back swarms of goblins, ghosts and every nasty creature the kingdom offers! If you don’t beat them in time, the Grim Reaper himself will come slashing! But not all is lost! Beating the beasts means getting rare ingredients and weapons to keep the fight going! With the help of rogue alchemist Allison, those ingredients can be mixed into healing potions, elemental summons or even the cure for the Curse itself!