Until Dawn


Until Dawn features all the elements you’d expect from your favorite teen horror movies: a script that’s funny, sexy and scary; a beautiful young cast; an isolated location; a devious killer; a dark secret and of course that all-important twist. Developed exclusively for PlayStation 3 by Supermassive Games, Until Dawn will make you look at your Move Motion Controller in a totally different way, as it becomes your flashlight guiding you through the dark as you attempt to survive Until Dawn. You’ll also use the motion controller to pull levers, fire shotguns and even unzip… well, we’ll leave it to you to see what else you can do with the PlayStation Move in Until Dawn.

One night, eight teenagers, a remote mountain on the anniversary of their friend’s mysterious death … The power’s out, there’s no phone reception and you’re trying to get the blonde cheerleader to notice you. What could possibly go wrong?

Key Features

Star in a Horror Film – You are alone in the woods on a cold winter night. Uncover who is hunting you and your friends in a thrilling experience full of desperate action and puzzle solving.
Full control and interactivity – More immersive thrills as you use your PlayStation Move as a flashlight to light the shadows, tune radios, fire shotguns, solve puzzles and hook up with the hot cheerleader.
Pass the flashlight, share the fear – Face your fears alone or take a cue from the on-screen cast, and pass your controller over to a friend.
Evolving story and relationships – Play as multiple characters throughout the story, discover who your friends really are, and experience multiple endings as your actions determine the finale.