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EVE: The Second Decade Collector’s Edition

EVE: The Second Decade Collector’s Edition is a must-own for the EVE enthusiast, compiling a decade of the rich history of the EVE Universe into a treasure chest of collectibles to proudly display at home, at work and on the battlefield. From the illustrated hardcover book to the in-game collectibles, the greatest moments in EVE’s 10-year history are yours to relive as the second decade begins and future memories to be had lay on the horizon.

Commemorative in-game items for both EVE and DUST 514, a Rifter USB Hub, and CCP’s board game that funded early development are just the start of what’s packed into the massive EVE: The Second Decade Collector’s Edition’s set.

Physical items
190-page Hardcover “Into the Second Decade” fully-illustrated history book, celebrating the EVE Universe from creation to the integration of DUST 514.
“Minmatar Rifter” combat frigate 4-port USB hub brings one of the most popular ships in EVE history to your real-life desktop.
EVE Symphony Soundtrack CD, recorded live during the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra performance at Fanfest 2013
‘Danger Game’, the board game created by the founders of CCP to help fund the development of the original EVE Online release, now translated to English for all to enjoy.
Durable metal commemorative Danger Game collector’s tin
A “Mystery Code” that will grant owners special, but currently secret, benefits related to future CCP products and events.

Digital items (EVE Online)
A war chest of ships and virtual swag to celebrate the occasion for everyone from the dedicated collector to the fly-in-style pilot.

60 days of paid game time when you create a new account in EVE Online
“The Golden Pod”, radiate luxury during your excursions in this polished gold makeover of the iconic capsule
Gnosis Battlecruiser Blueprint, a five-run blueprint copy of the impressive 10th Anniversary gift ship.
Genolution CA-3/CA-4 Implants (EVE) – Willpower, Memory, and skill boosts with an additional implant set bonus.
“Time Capsule”, in-game collectibles celebrating lore, memes and memorable moments
“Tash-Murkon Magnate”, the popular Amarr exploration frigate with a striking new skin
A collection of exclusive male and female clothes and accessories
Digital items (DUST 514)
Blind your enemies with the reflection of their defeat in your shining Amarr dropsuit while unleashing a torrent of pain from your new arsenal of weapons. These EVE: The Second Decade Collector’s Edition items are permanent gear, requiring no restocking or replacement.

Amarr “Templar” Assault Dropsuit
Amarr “Templar” Logistics Dropsuit
Amarr “Templar” Heavy Dropsuit
Amarr Scrambler Pistol
Amarr Scrambler Assault Rifle
Amarr Laser Rifle