Ungh, the hero of the exploration adventure Fire, is a slightly clumsy Neanderthal who lives in a quaintly colorful Stone Age world. He will have to master the trickiest task of the Stone Age: finding new fire. Until then, he is the dopey and unlucky fellow who has let burn out the bonfire of his tribe during his fire watch stint. Now he has to get a new flame and therefore, he has to explore the primitive world to the last corner: Be it a jungle, veldt or the inside of a volcano — no place is safe from Ungh.

It is up to the players to explore the primitive world of Fire and to solve all puzzles in the most creative ways. Always helpful are the quirky creatures of this unique Stone Age setting: Why not using a mammoth and its trunk to shoot a coconut? No matter if mammoths, bats or dinosaurs — FIRE’s colourful Stone Age world is inhabited by all kinds of useful and entertaining wildlife.