Fix It

Run your very own Home Improvement business with the ultimate DIY team! Stonewall & Brick are two of the best handymen around and along with their loyal secretary Andrea, they’re ready to paint the town red, literally. Help them rise to the top by doing odd jobs around the neighborhood, building business and relationships around town. Be quick, be precise and turn a disastrous mess into a masterpiece to gain notoriety and earn the town’s respect! As your business grows so will your tasks and they will only become more and more challenging along the way. Expand your business, renovate the town’s theater, convert the old haunted manor into a sprawling mansion overlooking the ocean and so much more! Put on your utility belt and don’t forget to grab your hard hat folks, it’s time for a makeover!


Great Look and Feel: Appealing and comical character designs, Art style is perfect for the target market, Entertaining soundtrack and quirky sound effects that add to the hilarious atmosphere.

Rich Content: 3 main characters, 10+ jobs, 60+ tasks, 20+ actions.

Gameplay Is Fully Adapted To Each Platform: DS-The stylus draws the movements of the tools on-screen. Wii-The Wii Remote is your tool. Hammer away just like you would in real life!

Different Game Modes: Story Mode-Become the best DIY company around!
Odd Jobs-A mini-game free mode and time attack! Duel Mode (only on Wii)-Challenge your friends to a 2-player duel!