Gravity Falls

Only YOU can solve the mystery of Gravity Falls, exclusively on Nintendo 3DS! A crisis has engulfed the Gnome kingdom! Playing as Mabel and Dipper, you must help Jeff the gnome retrieve the ancient Gnome Gemulets to restore the forest’s magic! Equipped with enchanted gnome weapons, fight off strange new creatures, defeat monstrous bosses, and solve puzzles in new and mysterious areas of Gravity Falls. Meet characters like Soos, Grunkle Stan, Old Man McGucket, and others along the way in this fun action-packed game for all ages.

•”ENTER GRAVITY FALLS – Explore the Mystery Shack, the Gnome Forest, & more, powered by beautiful UbiArt graphics. ”
•MADE IN COLLABORATION WITH CREATOR ALEX HIRSCH – Experience the show’s signature humor & fan-favorites brought to life!
•”SOLVE AN ALL-NEW MYSTERY – Learn new lore about inhabitants of Gravity Falls & unlock secrets of the town’s past. ”
•”PLAY AS BOTH DIPPER AND MABEL – Switch between characters & use their unique powers and abilities. ”