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Hayfever is a frantic 2D platformer with a runny nose and tongue firmly in cheek. Postman Thomas is hopping, bounding and sneezing his way across 140 dangerous levels, delivering packages and recovering 240 lost letters, scattered by an unfortunate sneezing fit, from unlikely locations hidden around each stage.

Thomas’ allergies may have caused this disaster but they can help him out of it, too. Touching pollen builds up a sneeze powerful enough to launch him skywards, and other allergens provide weirder powers to help him navigate the four seasonally themed worlds. Each has its own set of hazards, including oversized bees, dusty scarecrows, chilly snowmen, and four tough end-of-season bosses standing between Thomas and his deliveries.

Adorably tough, Hayfever is designed to be replayed and mastered. Just completing all four seasons is tricky enough, but delivering every lost letter calls for a true postmaster. Diligent deliverers might even find something new waiting on the other side of a full mailbag. Hayfever is built for speed – the best players will barely have time to touch the ground – with an official speedrun timer mode planned for a post-launch update.


  • A fast-paced, challenging platformer with cute and squishy pixel-art.
  • Who needs double-jumping? Touch pollen to sneeze through the air.
  • Gain even stranger powers from smog, peanuts, and other allergens.
  • 140 levels spread across four seasons, and 240 optional collectibles to track down.
  • Designed for speed – master its challenging movement and fly through the levels.
  • A hummably catchy, whimsical soundtrack by Knasibas.