Huntsman – The Orphanage

Grimhaven Orphanage, Illinois, USA… one fateful night on June 17th 1898, a dozen children disappeared… seemingly without a trace. Over 100 years later, you come face to face with your past, your fears, your future – and the legendary Huntsman!

Even as you explore the abandoned buildings and investigate the truth behind the tragedy, you risk becoming a victim of The Huntsman yourself – he still stalks the paths and hallways, and his embrace is inescapable.

Could there be a deeper set of motivations, personal discoveries, twists and turns to this journey through the dank, cramped brick-walled rooms of the abandoned Grimhaven Orphanage? Will your discoveries reveal more than you bargained for, as the layers of time and space are peeled back one by one? Are there unknown links between you and the faint sounds of those lost children’s voices, their half-seen faces straining and struggling to communicate to you through the electronically-sensitive medium of your own mobile phone?