Littlest Pet Shop: Winter

Experience the fun of the Littlest Pet Shop world in a whole new way in Littlest Pet Shop: Winter for the Nintendo DS. Set in a new winter-themed universe, game play is spread across four unique pet-sized worlds. Within these, you can collect, name and care for 20 pets – including six exclusive pets from the cuddliest and chilliest lines. In addition, you can plan Evite parties for your pets and compete in 16 mini-games with your pets, in single player or with up to 3 friends via Nintendo’s wireless multicard play mode, to earn Kibble Coin and unlock over 100 accessories, multiple play sets, and additional pets.

Party With Your Pet – Plan Evite parties for your pets Multi-lingual game Support – Game includes English French and Spanish language support.


Collect – Collect, care for and name 20 pets, including six exclusive to the game.

Dress up your pets – Enjoy over 100 pet accessories like scarves, glasses, and more.

Play with your pets Explore 4 winter-themed worlds where you and your pets can folic in your favorite wintertime pursuits.

Compete in mini-games – Play 16 fun and challenging games with your pets to unlock accessories play sets, and new pets too! With a number of difficulty levels for each game, you can replay them over and over again