Logistics Company Simulator

In Logistics Company Simulator, it’s up to you to receive thousands of tons of cargo at your dockside facility and make sure every unit is shipped on time. Build your small warehouse into a major logistics hub and expand it bit by bit by adding new cargo terminals. Control the high-powered reach stacker and the tall cranes to load freight onto trains, trucks and ships. Manoeuvre the forklift truck through your warehouse. Only if you work hard and plan cleverly can you become a major logistics service provider.

•Simulation with management aspects
•Build up your own logistics company and earn enough money to expand your site and purchase new vehicles
•Control all the high-powered vehicles and cranes yourself to load goods: forklift truck, container stacker, straddle carrier, bridge and port crane
•Expand your site with parking lots, storage space and a port to enable you to accept even bigger orders
•Complete difficult but lucrative orders by handling fragile goods carefully or loading containers within a time limit
•Act strategically to load your containers smartly and in time
•Learn from an animated and voiced 3D mentor who will introduce you to the secrets of the world of logistics