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Lords of the Fallen: Complete Edition

Lords of the Fallen is the first Action RPG game specifically designed for the new generation of consoles to feature both satisfying gameplay and deep combat system, all running in stunning high definition graphics. When combined with a wide selection of weapons and a powerful array of magical spells, the fighting style can be shaped to an unprecedented degree.

Harkyn, a convicted criminal and outcast, is called upon to investigate rumors that the Rhogar, ancient enemies serving the long-dead Fallen God, have reappeared. Hoping to fight evil with evil, Kaslo, Harkyn’s mentor and handler, sets out for the ancient Keystone Monastery where powerful forces threaten to unleash a barrage of horrors upon the world.

Harkyn must confront the fearsome Lords, generals of the Fallen God’s army. Facing hate and suspicion from the society he is now fighting to save,the game’s anti-hero will find allies in unlikely places. Crossing the boundary between worlds, Harkyn will ultimately have to decide the balance between forces vying for control of humanity.
•Embark on an Epic Quest that spans both human and demonic realms
•Confront the mighty Lords, generals of the Rhogar army
•Explore a vast dark fantasy world
•Make your choices wisely as they may seal your fate
•Wield legendary weapons and armors from a vast arsenal
•Choose your class: Warrior, Cleric or Rogue and fully customize each with skills and weapons

•Ancient Labyrinth
•Demonic Weapons Pack
•The Monk’s Decipher
•Lionheart Pack
•The Foundation Boost
•The Arane Boost