A retro-styled shooter offering strategic appeal, requiring lightning-fast reflexes, forethought, and precision hand to eye coordination. Pawarumi delivers a mammoth sense of accomplishment when successful.

Best described as Rock-Paper-Scissors with lasers, Pawarumi is a shoot’em up set in a 3D futuristic, yet pre-Columbian, inspired universe. In the game, players utilize a powerful mechanic called the Trinity. With this the three basic weapons are controlled by colored divinities – Condor (laser) is blue, Serpent (Gatling gun) is green and Jaguar (missiles) is red.

Each enemy in the game is powered by the same divinities. If players target them with any color, one of the three bonuses of the Trinity comes into effect – Boost, Drain or Crush – depending on the color combination. Mastering them opens up tactical possibilities.

Features to Check Out

Three difficulty settings, each with its own alternate storyline.

The difficulty curve is designed to guide new players from Easy through to Hard.

Players have three weapons; the Red Jaguar Missiles, the Green Serpent Gatling Gun and Blue Condor Laser.

Unique game mechanic easy to learn, deviously hard to master, coordinating and matching colors to your enemy to achieve victory.

Appealing vibrant art and graphics.

Peruvian inspired electro-metal OST by G4F Records