Professional Fisherman’s Tour

Travel around the world and compete for your chance at the ultimate fishing prize! Professional Fisherman’s Tour will take you around the world to lakes stocked with the finest and most challenging fish to catch. Cast your line and use the unique Nintendo DS controls to get that fish into the boat!

Multiplayer Fun — Challenge up to three friends in a four-player fishing competition to see who’s the best angler .


Nintendo DS Touchscreen — Utilize the features of the DS to add a new element of fun to your fishing experience as you use the stylus-based reel controls.

Rumble Feature — This feature brings even more realism and fun as you can ‘feel’ the action in the palm of your hands.

Variety of Fishing Options — There are over 500 fish from a slew of different bass species, including Tilapia, pike and muskie; with over 24 different lure types, you must find the best option to reel in that fish.

Tournament Modes — Compete in amateur tournaments and work your way up to the National Tournament for your chance to become a Professional Fisherman’s Tour champion.