Pucca Power Up

Pucca and Garu’s action romance story! Pucca Power Up features six episodes following Pucca and Garu through their adventurous love story. This quirky mismatch between the daughter of a noodle seller and a ninja challenges players to help Pucca and Garu on their quest for true love. Players will also learn new skills from Master Su and compete in 6 mini-games while watching FMV’s from the original TV series!


2 playable characters, Pucca and Garu, each with their own abilities, powers and styles.

Extended Play – New levels can be purchased at the store by collecting hiddle items within each level increasing the replay-ability factor!

Mini games – Compete in 6 fun filled mini-games including Kissing Garu, Ninja Slash and Jumping off the Cliff.

Brand Recognition – The Pucca brand boasts television shows, merchandising, clothes, toys and now videogames in over 120 nations worldwide!