Puppies 3D

Bond and interact with a family of the most adorable 3D puppies in a lifelike world, and choose from the most popular breeds. Adopt your own puppies, take care of them, play with them, exercise them, train them and socialize them, all in an incredibly realistic & interactive 3D environment! Puppies 3D fully will transport you to a puppy loving town with townsfolk to interact with.


Adopt and take care of more than 10 breeds of dogs and choose from the most popular breeds.

Exercise your dogs via agility & jumping courses.

Interact with your virtual dogs as if they’re real pets.

Augmented reality lets your puppies practically live in YOUR environment – Take a photo of your environment and then let your puppies play in that same environment in the game.

Via StreetPass, visit with other puppies, and exchange pictures, gifts and letters.