Sing4: The Hits Edition w/Microphone

Sing4: The Hits Edition is a unique singing game unlike any other. This is the first game with high-precision lyrics scoring that detects humming vs. singing, and includes cool effects like pitch correction to enhance your voice with. Sing4is sure to be a fun game for the whole family, allowing up to 4 players to sing simultaneously. There are 40 popular original artist’s tracks and music videos to rock out to, and even more songs available for download. You can also record and replay your performance during several Game Modes including Solo, Co-op, Duet and Battle, where you go head to head against your friends. So grab a mic, your friends, and get ready for a completely new and innovative karaoke experience with Sing4!

Includes 40 chart-topping original artist’s songs and videos

High-precision lyrics scoring that detects humming vs. singing

Includes pitch correction feature which allows players to sing in-tune and sound good

First Wii singing game with extra songs available for download

Record and share a replay of your performance with your friends