Solatorobo: Red the Hunter

Solatorobo: Red the Hunter is an Action RPG (Role-playing Game) for Nintendo DS / DSi / 3DS that merges an engrossing storyline featuring multiple anthropomorphic animal cultures with diverse play mechanics to create a gameplay experience rarely seen in a handheld platform. Features include: quest-based play, robot combat utilizing chained attack moves, robot customization and leveling, exploration gameplay, aircraft racing and multiplayer options.


Red Savarin, an eager and ambitious 17 year-old anthropomorphic dog, ventures through the mythical floating islands of the Shepherd Republic where specialized robots are commonplace, living a carefree life traveling with his younger sister, Chocolat, and utilizing his personalized robot, DAHAK, to complete various odd jobs for money. While on a routine retrieval mission, they have a chance encounter with a mysterious boy named Elh and find a medallion that inadvertently entangles Red in something much more than he bargained for. Having taken Elh under his care, Red investigates the mystery surrounding the young boy and the strange object as he takes on monsters, sky pirates and evil robots on his road to becoming the reluctant hero that must save the world from a swiftly awakening evil.


Solatorobo: Red the Hunter is an action role-playing game taking place in the fictional Shepherd Republic, a nation high in the skies consisting of numerous floating islands. Gameplay revolves around quests and battles, with the player in the role of Red Savarin utilizing his personalized robot, DAHAK, to pick up heavy items and enemies, catch and throw back projectiles, glide through the skies, and even fish for monsters. Gorgeous visuals and an amazing soundtrack bring an aerial and ground-based world to life as players complete the more than 70 quests to gain the resources needed to upgrade and prepare DAHAK for the epic struggle to save the world from the evil about to be unleashed upon the land.

Racing and Multiplayer


As well as the main story you can play Air Robo GP mode – a racing game set over challenging racing circuits floating in the air. Just choose your favorite aircraft and course, then let rip with some stunning flying – if you put your skills on show, you could win some serious money. Keep your eyes peeled for crystals and items dotted around each course, too. Collecting crystals will fill the Boost Gauge: when full, you can use that extra speed to lay down the lead, or claw back from last place. Items can be used to slow down your rivals – or to stop them from using their own ones on you. With Missiles, Elec-Mines, Jammers and more up for grabs, clever racing is about collecting items and then picking the perfect moment to use them. On top of all this, you can build up special bonuses for racing in certain ways on special days, and there are several new aircraft that you can unlock by playing through the main game too.


Air Robo GP can be played with up to three friends who have their own copy of Solatorobo: Red the Hunter. Over local wireless communication, you can play multiplayer races on circuits in the sky – boost, slide turn and use items to get the best of your friends. May the best pilot win.

Key Game Features:

A beautiful mix of 3D polygons, hand-drawn 2D backgrounds, and special animated cut-scenes by famed animation studio MADHOUSE (Ninja Scroll, Trigun, Death Note) combine for one of the most graphically impressive games on the system.

The original soundtrack sets a playful mood for some of the lighthearted dialogue, while contrasting full orchestral scores foreshadow the epic struggle for survival to come.

Your robot is your weapon as you pick up enemies and throw them for damage, or catch missiles and other objects to toss as your own explosive projectiles.

Special aircraft become available to take on aerial race-based challenges, or invite friends via local connection for a 4-person race through the skies.

With over 70 varied quests including a robot battle tournament, taking the gunner position of an airship to fend off sky pirates, and fishing for huge monsters, all while collecting hidden pictures and music.

Additional quests available online