Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon

“A secret society built Blackbird Estate for a specific reason … Not even the family living there today knows what it was.” You are a spider crawling about this abandoned mansion, spinning webs of your own design to trap insects as you make your way through the chambers of the home. Only a spider on the wall could ever really learn the truth about what happened in this mysterious place. Insanity, secret passages, coded messages and a faulty time machine await in the halls and rooms. Slip under floorboards and through keyholes for a spider’s unique perspective on this dramatic tale told without words. You’ll need to be a clever arachnid explorer indeed to solve each of Spider’s seven enigmatic puzzles.

Spider knows where you are in the real world. When the sun sets outside your window, it becomes night in the game. When it rains in real life, the rain also falls on Blackbird Estate. All of this helps to immerse players as never before while they master your web crafting skills with a combination of action and planning. Learn the tricks of dozens of dynamic insects and trap them in your webs before you run out of silk.