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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

The Dark Pictures Anthology is a series of standalone cinematic horror games driven by three common threads: an unprecedented amount of branching gameplay that yields near-limitless re-playability; five controllable characters (per game) who can all live and die based on the players’ choices; and The Curator, an omnipresent narrator-like figure who seems to know just a little bit too much about Supermassive’s horrifying new universe.

The anthology’s maiden voyage, Man of Medan, is led by a talented cast of actors, including stars Shawn Ashmore (X-Men, Quantum Break) and Pip Torrens (The Crown, Star Wars: The Force Awakens), whose in-game likenesses are rendered in shockingly vivid detail. This chilling tale offers a frightening number of potential outcomes, daring players to carefully navigate the stormy seas ahead either alone or with friends via the game’s two multiplayer options:

Shared Story Mode

  • Two-player online co-op wherein players explore the world, perform actions and make choices that affect both the outcome of the story, and fate of their respective characters

  • Experience the narrative through unique perspectives—sometimes together, sometimes alone—in totally separate scenes that reveal new information, locations, and scares than the single-player mode

Movie Night Mode

  • Up to five players can team up offline by sharing one controller, each taking charge of the movement, decisions and choices of one unique character

  • Players can decide to either save themselves, or try to keep their friends’ characters alive

  • Each player’s actions will be judged, with in-game achievements & rewards distributed at the end of the playthrough

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan has an ESRB rating of “M” for Mature.