Titanic Mysteries

Titanic Mystery is an Adventure-Puzzle game that challenges the player to ratchet up their puzzle-solving skills in order to avert a catastrophe aboard the fictional Titanic II luxury liner that could rival that of the original vessel. Features include Hidden Object gameplay containing timeless secrets about the original Titanic, 30 intricate game levels, 30 challenging mini-games and easy-to-use Wii Remote controls.

Solve the Mysterious Threat to the Titanic II

Titanic Mystery is a game of exploration and mystery in the search for a hidden bomb on the new ocean liner, Titanic II. Join in the journey to try and locate the bomb to save the ship and all the passengers onboard. Along the way players will uncover clues and investigate the ship while learning secrets of the original Titanic. With 30 intricate levels each containing challenging mini-games, players will encounter elaborate twists and turns around every corner. Filled with adventure and suspense, Titanic Mystery is sure to be a game the whole family will enjoy.

Key Game Features

Explore the ship and meet different members of the crew along the way.

Investigate clues and get closer to uncovering the ultimate mystery.

Enjoy classic Hidden Object gameplay as you search for hundreds of items.

Learn engrossing and timeless secrets about the original Titanic
A wide range of ship-based play environments.

Easy-to-use Wii Remote controls.

30 intricate game levels.

30 challenging mini-games.