Tower 2011

Tower! 2011 is an addictive and engaging air traffic control simulation. Gain experience by directing the arrivals and departures at smaller airports then step up to the challenge of controlling a major international airport!

Your assignment is to guide aircraft of various sizes and capabilities to and from the active runway for landing and take-off. As the Tower Controller you must assure that it safe for a plane to enter or cross a runway, assign taxiway routes, decide when to stop and start aircraft movements, and clear aircraft for take-off.

Tower! 2011 provides you with flight strips, ground and air radar screens and a photorealistic top-down view of the airport.

This is no arcade game! With a complex command structure, advanced AI and Speech Recognition technology, Tower! 2011 will allow you to experience of the thrill of being a real air traffic controller. Features – Custom made runways Terminal buildings rendered to a scale of 5cm per pixel An interactive docking system to park you right on your mark Taxiways with highly realistic concrete textures Drivable ‘Follow me’ vehicle in which to explore the airports Full airport taxiway and runway signage 3D approach lighting and full ILS navigation Hundreds of airport vehicles and ground personnel Aircraft parked at custom-textured parking positions.

Three photorealistic airports.

Advanced AI pilots follow complex tower commands to taxi.

Single-player or multiplayer online play.

Full voice control with Microsoft’s Speech voice recognition technology
Aircraft will follow in-flight heading and turn commands.