Trivial Pursuit – Bet You Know It

Experience the ultimate TRIVIAL PURSUIT experience with both BET YOU KNOW IT and Original on one disc!


In TRIVIAL PURSUIT BET YOU KNOW IT you and your family can play both classic TRIVIAL PURSUIT and BET YOU KNOW IT, all on one disc. The new BET YOU KNOW IT mode includes thousands of new trivia questions and a fun betting component that will keep everyone on their toes. Team up with or play head- to-head against up to three friends.

Show off your trivia prowess as you compete with friends and family in this fast-paced trivia game. Bet whether your friends and family will know the answer with BET YOU KNOW IT and steal wedges to win the game.

Key Features:

All-new questions – Thousands of new questions for hours of fun.

Categories for Everyone – Fun, new categories like Jingles, 80’s Music & Movies, Videogames, Slang, and more so everyone can play along!

Single or Multiplayer – Play to clear the board, or play with up to four friends.

With BET YOU KNOW IT, everyone plays on every turn! Challenge friends and family and steal wedges to win the game.

Classic and BET YOU KNOW IT gameplay – Enjoy your favorite trivia game, in an all new way.

Compete with friends and family members for bragging rights.