Valhalla Hills (Video)

Valhalla Hills
Valhalla Hills is a modern strategy game inspired by classic game designs like “The Settlers II” or “Cultures”.

The player has to lead the exiled Viking heroes to the highest peak of a mountain, where a magic portal leads the way to Valhalla. But the Vikings need to do one thing first: survive!

The player has to face the dangers and challenges of the harsh mountains and find a way to the peak. Since the Vikings wouldn’t last long in the mountains, they have to take care of clothing, food and shelter and defend themselves against ghostly mountain dwellers and wild beasts. These sturdy people have their own head and since a good keg of mead is a solid reason to slack around, all this is easier said than done. However, another threat looms, coming from out of the mountain…

•Developed by Funatics, the creators of Cultures and the Settlers II
•Exactly what strategy simulation fans were waiting for!
•Developed with the Unreal 4 Engine
•The first game created in this style since “The Settlers”
•Many exciting extras like individually naming your Vikings