Vektron Revenge (Video)

Inside an old arcade shooter, use your gaze to defeat waves of geometric enemies all in full VR glory! Survive as long as possible and rack up a massive score in Vektron Revenge, an old school style shooter done exclusively for VR. The playfield has not limits as you will be avoiding and destroying waves of enemies in a 360 environment. But beware of 3D obstacles that come in your way and use the devastating shooting spray of the Revenge power up wisely to clean up the levels from the toughest baddies. The fastest you clean a wave the bigger the wave bonus. Concentrate on grabbing the blue pills coming from enemies to score extra but don’t be to greedy or you might end up trapped in a difficult position. Try to be the best as you climb the ranks through the world leaderboards. May your name be among the coveted top 10 of the Vektron hall of fame!