Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy+

The critically acclaimed aerial combat series flies onto the Nintendo 3DS! Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy delivers supersonic flying, exciting dogfights and high-altitude acrobatics all in 3D! With touchscreen targeting and added control mechanics, players take full command of every intense skirmish to enable split-second counter-maneuvers, dynamic dogfight action and satisfying enemy takedowns. Fans of the series can look forward to a wide variety of real-world aircrafts to pilot, and a diverse range of missions to take on.

Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy+ brings back this high-flying Ace Combat entry with new content as well as gameplay enhancements for New Nintendo 3DS. Customize real-life aircrafts with Nintendo famous characters such as Mario and Bowser — each aircraft represents characters not only visually but also in the parameter setting. Get the special Nintendo aircrafts by finding “Question Blocks” added in hidden spots of various missions. Find and attack it on the map and the Super Star will appear, giving you the special aircraft. And for New Nintendo 3DS owners, improved 3D view and added C Stick and ZR/ZL button controls make this the ideal way to experience the game. Players can even tap select Amiibo figures to the New Nintendo 3DS system to unlock special aircraft skins.