BOOR (Video)

Eden, a faraway human colony, was meant to offer humans a fresh start. To ensure a positive outcome, scientists developed the BOOR AI, which was intended to make everyone’s lives easier, safer, and happier. However, something went wrong: BOOR suddenly turned against the colonists … nearly managing to wipe them out! When all seemed lost, a little girl, the only individual capable of putting an end to BOOR’s master plan, accidentally lands on the planet.

Featuring more than 70 intricately-detailed levels, BOOR is a 2D puzzle platformer that will dare you to take on the role of this mysterious, unnamed girl. Multiply yourself to solve challenging puzzles, destroy enemy robots, and face tough end level bosses. Collect items, discover secrets, and push forward to shed light on the many mysteries of Eden and BOOR.

•Explore a beautiful world with stunning, hand-drawn environments.
•Put your platforming skills to the test with more than 70 challenging maps.
•Multiply yourself to get through puzzles, defeat dangerous enemies, and overcome
•Experience environments filled to the brim with puzzles and secrets.
•Uncover the mystery of Eden and save the human colony from extinction.