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Bus Simulator 16

With Bus Simulator 16, virtual bus drivers can get to work soon in the idyllic city of Sunny Springs! Next to vehicles specifically designed for Bus Simulator 16 bus and simulation enthusiasts can look forward to originally licensed buses of the Lion’s City range by famous German bus and truck manufacturer MAN. Both in the single player and multiplayer mode, players not only get the chance to drive different public busses but can also create and adjust bus schedules and manage their very own public transport company. Just like in real life punctuality and passenger safety will of course be essential to the player’s success!

Being on time is however not the only aspect that will be rewarded in Bus Simulator 16: The integrated reputation system also takes into account if the aspiring bus entrepreneur manages to master the vehicles’ controls, observes traffic rules and makes the right decision in numerous everyday situations. These range from passengers hurrying late to the stop, jammed and blocked doors or construction sites and traffic jams that should better be avoided. Players also will be selling tickets and should always be responsive to the different moods of their customers. Outside of the bus, varied management tasks such as the coordination of bus routes as well as the efficient planning of personnel are also essential part of the business. Thanks to the freely drivable city, carefully recreated licensed vehicles and an extensive management part as well as a cooperative multiplayer mode and numerous modding possibilities Bus Simulator 16 will offer almost unlimited hours of interesting and challenging gameplay.