Cloudborn is a VR experience where the player is challenged to uncover the fate of a lost civilization, by traversing a world shrouded in clouds.

Cloudborn is set in another world and another time. It’s a place of wonder and awe but also melancholy and loneliness. What do you do when a civilization has dug too deep and taken more than its share and left you to carry the burden of responsibility?

Cloudborn is an immersive learning Virtual Reality experience of humanity’s insatiable greed and our inability to learn from our mistakes . The game’s world is not our own, but it’s fate could still be.


To increase immersion we have created a revolutionary locomotion system that allow you to move freely through the world using arm swinging action and where all player actions such as grabbing, climbing and throwing yourself affect your momentum.

Using the latest research in motion sickness mitigation Cloudborn allows an intense focus and emotional immersion in the experience of climbing and exploring the game’s world.