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Gravity Dash

Gravity Dash

Gravity Dash – a fast-paced arcade runner where gravity is your weapon.

Gravity Dash challenges you to break the laws of physics to progress through endless levels. Quick thinking and even quicker reflexes are a must if you intend to live another day.

The game’s deadly endless levels include a masochistic selection of hazards such as spike pits, sawblades, and guillotines looming above and below. It seems hopeless – but your secret weapon is also a way out. As you reverse gravity, you manage to narrowly avoid being impaled or sliced in half to the beat of sick 8-bit tracks.

But Gravity Dash is not about simply remaining in one piece. You can also customize your blocky character by collecting gems to unlock 8 character skins – with more on the way. If you happen to die on your next run, it will look like someone else messed up.

*   Defy gravity by flipping upside down, then invert again to return to the ground.
*   Run through endless randomly generated levels.
*   Unlock and play with 8 available character skins.
*   Face off against dozens of obstacles and hazards.
*   Raise the stakes as difficulty gradually increases during each run.
*   Enjoy retro-inspired pixel art and unique landscapes in each area.
*   Stay in control with a one-of-a-kind input system that provides quick, intuitive movement.