Demetrios: The Big Cynical Adventure (Video)

Demetrios: The Big Cynical Adventure
Demetrios is a quirky point & click adventure game inspired by classics like Broken Sword, packed with tons of humor!

Bjorn Thonen, a slob of an antique dealer living in Paris, is robbed one night after coming home drunk. Forced to conduct his own investigation with the help of his neighbor Sandra, he ends up involved in a murky, mysterious affair. Will these unlikely heroes be able to rise up and discover ancient secrets?

The game offers situations and puzzles for beginners and experts alike, with a high degree of interactivity. Explore ridiculous item combinations, just to see what happens!

◾A long, varied, standalone adventure (8 to 12 hours of gameplay)
◾Over 15,000 lines of dialog, filled with laughs!
◾Hand drawn art in Full HD
◾High level of interactivity. Characters react to your actions!
◾Fun mini-games throughout the story
◾Search for hidden cookies on every screen for optional puzzle hints!
◾Compatible with gamepads, for relaxed, television viewing!