Earthlock: Festival of Magic (Video)

Earthlock is a turn-based fantasy RPG where an intriguing cast of characters must embark on a bold adventure to unlock the deepest secrets of Umbra, a world that mysteriously stopped spinning ages ago. When his hometown is destroyed by a terrible and mysterious foe, desert scavenger Amon and a group of seemingly unremarkable strangers go on a bold and perilous journey to find answers. But nothing is as it seems in the magical and dangerous world of Umbra. The answers they find will forever change them…and the world itself.

•Rich, non-linear story
•Turn-based combat
•Combat pairs (allows more variations to your battle team)
•Grow your own ammunition (organic crafting)
•Build and improve your home base
•Environmental Puzzles
•Gorgeous overworld with a retro feel
•No random encounters (monsters are visible at all times)
•Play as Male or Female protagonist (you can switch at any time)