Mystery Masters: Mega Collection – Volume 2

Dare to discover thrills, intrigue, suspense and much more in this mega-collection of mysteries to die for! There are 15 complete mysteries with over 7,000 hidden objects to find. It’s up to you to unlock the secrets and uncover the truth in this amazing collection of thrilling hidden object adventures where everyone is a suspect and nothing is above suspicion!! Includes: exorcist – enter the inner sanctum of evil and discover a dark world where you are blessed with the ability to see demons and cursed to find and expel their spirits! Twisted lands: shadow town – come face to face with fear as you explore a haunted island full of terrifying discoveries, macabre evidence and blood curdling clues in search for your lost love! Stray souls: dollhouse story – a terrible nightmare unfolds when your husband is suddenly kidnapped by supernatural forces in this hidden object adventure! You must find out the truth behind his childhood to set him free again in this heart-pounding story! Behind the reflection – it’s up to you to explore a dangerous and warped reality in search of an abducted child. In order to save him from his sinister kidnapper, you must find and venture within the lair of evil. Treasure of mystery island 2: the gates of fate – fall backwards into time and embark on a mission to save mystery island from a catastrophic volcano eruption! It’s up to you to discover the secrets and clues that will lead to the thrilling solution that will determine the fate of mystery island! In grace’s quest to catch an art thief, it’s up to you to stop a gang of thieves before they steal the mona lisa and other priceless works of art from around the world. You’ll have to bring all of your investigative skills as the felons globe hop from heist to heist. Also includes mystery cruise, mind’s eye, undercover p.i., gourmania 2: kitchen confidential, magic encyclopedia: illusions, natalie brooks: the mystery of hillcrest high, and more!


Dare to discover thrills, intrigue, suspense and much more in this mega-collection of mysteries to die for!

15 complete mystery adventures with over 7,000 hidden objects to find for one incredible price!

Includes – Exorcist, Twisted Lands: Shadow Town, Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story, Behind the Reflection, Treasures of Mystery Island 2: The Gates of Fate, Grace’s Quest: To Catch An Art Thief, and more!