National Geographic Challenge

National Geographic Challenge! is an entertaining and exciting game for the entire family – and you can play in English, Spanish or French. Utilizing National Geographic’s incredible archive of images and content, players explore the earth through geography and history, and begin a journey through the ages. Discover the works of Michelangelo, the secrets of the emperor Nero, the adventures of the great Caesar, the mysteries on the history of Charlemagne, the oddities of animal lives and the most bizarre geographical curiosities through five different play modes or just enjoy the unique puzzles in the mini-games. Sixty minutes of high definition videos, entertaining mini games, 4,000 different questions and high resolution images, which will take your breath away and allow you to discover the world in all its beauty, create a videogame which is unique and full of sheer fun!


Five modes of game play; Single Player, Multiplayer Quiz, Puzzle Challenge, Classic Puzzles, Explorer mode.

Up to four players can compete against each other.

4,000 in-game questions.

1,000 DLC questions (X360 and PS3).

Various types of questions: anagrams, standard questions, fast focus.