Of Orcs and Men

Of Orcs and Men is a role-playing game set in a medieval fantasy world in the midst of war. The Empire of men is threatening the freedom and survival of the orc and goblin races. Players take on the role of the appointed orc soldier, Arkail, to lead the ultimate mission that will change the course of the war against humankind: killing the human Emperor. On his journey, Arkail is joined by a goblin named Styx, whose fighting style and strengths become the perfect complement to his orc abilities. While playing this single-player game, gamers are able to switch between the two characters as the unlikely duo battles in order to bring peace to their races.


Humankind is the ultimate villain in this game, as they systematically slaughter Goblins while enslaving Orcs. Players take on the roles of the persecuted creatures as they battle to defeat the human masses led by the evil Emperor.

The Orc and the Goblin have the potential to utilize their individual strengths and abilities and create a powerful opposition to the humans during battle. The Orc focuses on sheer strength while the Goblin relies primarily on his darker stealth abilities.

Battling through the war-torn territories of the green-skinned creatures, our heroes penetrate filthy alleys and ravaged lands.

Single players have the ability to switch back and forth between our heroes, the Orc soldier, Arkail, and the Goblin, Styx. Throughout the characters? progression, gamers can customize their style and gameplay as they unlock new skills and upgrade weapons.