Otomedius Excellent – Collector’s Edition

Otomedius Excellent is a unique side-scrolling Action-Arcade game exclusive to Xbox 360 that combines space ships and pretty girls in a way that could only have had its roots in the arcades of Japan. Features include: nine characters to choose from, Gradius style gameplay, three-person multiplayer support locally and via Xbox LIVE, improved graphics over previous games in the series, a stunning soundtrack, and much more.

The lovely rocket-riding ladies of Otomedius Gorgeous arrive in the US for the first time in Otomedius Excellent, the highly anticipated sequel to the Japan-exclusive arcade hit. Otomedius Excellent is an Xbox 360 exclusive and features nearly ten playable characters, heart-pounding classic Gradius-style shoot-em-up gameplay, a dazzling array of stunning visuals, thrilling multiplayer action locally or via a connection to Xbox LIVE, an improved upgrade system, downloadable content and of course the Otomedius Excellent game disc. With all this and more it is sure to be the must-own arcade style shooter for Xbox 360 players in 2011 and beyond.

The Otomedius Excellent Collectable Edition Contains:

The Otomedius Excellent game for Xbox 360.

Special 2-sided pillowcase.

64-page artbook.

Soundtrack disc featuring music from the Otomedius series.

Key Game Features:

Special Collector’s Edition extras including 2-sided pillow case, art book and soundtrack.

Classic Gradius-style gameplay gets a stunning update. Experience 2D side-scrolling shoot-em-up gameplay like never before.

Brilliant graphics and an excellent soundtrack. Environments are rendered in hi-definition and complemented by thrilling music.

Lovely characters to pilot through an expanded world. Choose from nine characters on-disc to battle through all-new stages of thrilling shoot-em-up action.

Three’s company as you team up with a friend or two over Xbox LIVE Arcade or on one Xbox 360 to have help obtaining hard-to-get items.

Eye-popping Gallery mode. View your unlocked stills and graphics in a new Gallery that grows as you progress through the game.