Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition |

A downloadable version of the classic Game Boy game, provided through Nintendo’s Virtual Console service.

It’s the game that started a revolution, but it’s not just the fad that convinced gamers to “catch ’em all.” This deceptively simple and all-ages-friendly role-playing game design is a far deeper game design than it looks. Pokemon features way more strategy and gameplay than it leads on, offering gamers almost infinite gaming possibilities even after the main adventure ends.

Known as Pocket Monster Pikachu in Japan, Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition is a slightly updated version of the original Pokemon Game Boy games arrived in 1998. Although essentially the same game as Red/Green/Blue, Pokemon Yellow gives you Pikachu as your starter Pokemon, and features limited color support as well as Pikachu voice samples and slight changes inspired by the cartoon show.

This Virtual Console release of Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow — the games that stared the Pokemon phenomenon — adds wireless communication in the place of the previous Game Boy Game Link features so that Nintendo 3DS players can trade Pokémon with other players.

•Collect 150 Pokemon
•Each Pokemon has unique skills
•collect badges to enter the Pokemon League
•Use Nintendo 3DS wireless communication features to trade Pokemon and play against a friend