Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

Journey across the globe aboard the airship Bostonius while solving mind-bending brainteasers themed to their environments. Can you help Professor Layton and his assistants solve the greatest puzzle mankind has ever faced and uncover the mystery surrounding the ancient Azran civilization?

The Professor Layton series couples brilliant puzzle games with a fascinating story to create a riveting formula that has provided great entertainment for mystery fans and puzzle-solving gurus alike. And now, you can complete the Professor Layton storyline with this puzzle-driven narrative from LEVEL-5. This adventure can either stand on its own, or act as the glue that connects the two Layton trilogies into one epic story.

In addition, Layton’s latest lets you download an additional puzzle every day for an entire year, beginning on the game’s launch day.*

Key Features
Journey across the globe in this epic, puzzle-filled quest
Features a variety of puzzles, from themed riddles to brainteasers to action based set pieces
Beat the bad guys in a race to solve the grandest puzzle ever created
Beautifully animated cut-scenes are enhanced with spectroscopic 3D
A puzzle a day… download daily SpotPass puzzles for a year, beginning on the game’s launch day*
Exchange StreetPass challenges with others and hunt for hidden items
* A wireless internet connection is required to download puzzles. When you connect and download puzzles form Nintendo Network, all currently available puzzles and hints will be downloaded. A new puzzle is scheduled to become available every day for a full year after the release of the game. (This period may be subject to change.) For more info, go to