SurvHive (Video)

Asymmetric Multiplayer Sci-fi Horror Experience

Strongly inspired by “The Thing”, “Alien”, “Pandorum” and other dark science-fiction references, SurvHive is an asymmetric multiplayer sci-fi horror FPS that includes RPG elements.

Pick your career among: Scientist, Engineer, Cultist or Soldier and try to survive as long as you can… Don’t trust anyone because a former friend might have been contaminated when you were not looking…

Key features:
◾ Try to find out who the aliens are. Stay away from them.

◾ Alien players must contaminate the crew using a stealth, shape-shifted approach, or through fully unleashed agressivity.

◾ Alien players can mutate to gain new powers, such as wall/roof climbing.

◾ Watch your sanity level. Panting while you’re hidden in the dark is rarely a good idea.

◾ Meet with everyone in a room to pass a blood test, defend key areas, extinguish fires and more.

◾ Accomplish secret objectives, be a traitor.

◾ Hack systems.

◾ Deploy sentry guns.

◾ Conduct scientific research.

◾ Engineer items: Cloaking device, Flamethrower, Extinguisher, Assault Rifle, Radio and more.

◾ Try to escape. There is only one escape shuttle.