Synth Riders

Synth Riders is a  VR rhythm game.

Synth Riders is an action rhythm experience that offers an immersive combination of dancing and enjoyable workout. It takes on the concept of traditional rhythm games and enhances it with unique VR mechanics that deliver a powerful experience. The players become immersed in the music and feel the groove while soaring their arms along the unique rail system. The game guarantees endless fun and re-playability thanks to cross-platform leaderboards, various challenge modes, and native support for custom songs and mods.

Synth Riders features 31 songs in various genres coming from acclaimed artists such as Celldweller, Prizm, and Sunset Neon. Along with the official soundtrack, the game comes with a dedicated Beatmap Editor and native support for custom songs, compatible with all versions of the game. It means that the players can simply drag-and-drop their songs and beatmaps to their Quest’s storage.

Synth Riders offers:

– 31 varied songs and new top artists added regularly
– 4 difficulty levels from Easy to Master
– 7 diverse hand-designed environments
– 4 varied game modes (regular, boxing, endurance, force)
– Worldwide, cross-platform leaderboards
– Official Beatmap Editor

Synth Riders supports Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Value Index and Windows Mixed Realty VR Headsets.