The Sexy Brutale

The Sexy Brutale
Encounter a never-ending masked ball turned murderous in The Sexy Brutale, an adventure/ puzzle game featuring intrigue, murder and the quite-possibly occult. Set during a single, endlessly-looping day within ‘The Sexy Brutale’ — a stately English mansion converted into a bizarre casino and named by the enigmatic Marquis — players take on the role of elderly priest Lafcadio Boone. To progress, Boone must hide, watch and learn the colorful stories of the other guests at the ball in order to save them from grisly deaths at the hands of the mansion’s staff.

By discovering the key moments and methods how each guest can be saved and gaining occult-seeming powers linked to their masks, Lafcadio is able to explore deeper and deeper into the mysteries of the mansion’s past and inhabitants to uncover the truth hidden at the heart of The Sexy Brutale. As the story unfolds in real-time, the player must find answers to every enigma and end the loop, saving all the guests’ lives… and his or her own!

•Unique puzzle concept – hours of gameplay exploring a single day from different perspectives and locations
•Watch, listen and learn until you are ready to act to save each guest from murder
•Multiple distinct areas of the mansion to explore, each with its own scenario, characters and puzzles
•Darkly-humorous murder-mystery story spanning the entire mansion
•Exotic cast of characters, including 9 guests
•Acquire special powers by saving victims to progress deeper into the mansion and uncover the secret at the heart of The Sexy Brutale