The Whispered World – Game of the Year

When the fate of the world must be decided, an unlikely hero is born! As Sadwick, a lonely circus clown, your life consists of menial chores, and playing the cannonball in the headlining human cannonball act. But you dream of loftier pursuits. Your adventure starts with a quest to find an explanation to your recurring dreams of gloom and doom. In these dreams, you’re chased by a mysterious blue sphere as the world around you collapses. Your worst fears are confirmed when you consult a mystical oracle. Not only does the oracle prophesize the end of the world, but that YOU are the cause of it! To prove fate wrong, you’ll have to escape capture, track down magical creatures, and of course, try to save the world, all while evading the monstrous, evil Asgil – not to mention your own self doubts. Together with your pet caterpillar, Spot, set out to defy the prophecy and experience an adventure like no other! Featuring a story with the emotional weight and insight that makes works like Where the Wild Things Are, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Spirited Away so popular; you’ll soon discover why THE WHISPERED WORLD is the rare Adventure/RPG that speaks to both children AND adults.