Touhou Genso Wanderer (Video)

Touhou Genso Wanderer
In this roguelike RPG, you will take control of Reimu, the Hakurei Shrine Maiden, to investigate the latest incident to take place in the world of Gensokyo. Along the way, you’ll encounter a variety of characters from the Touhou Project universe, discover mountains of loot – each piece of which is valuable thanks to the game’s item fusion system – and test your mettle with your favorite Touhou girl in tow as your adventuring partner!

•An Accessible Roguelike – Wanderer refines the mechanics of more traditional roguelikes and makes the genre more welcoming than ever! By adding speed and accessibility through a carefully considered controls and menus, anyone can pick up and play through Wanderer’s story.
•A Touhou Roguelike – Fans of the ridiculously popular Touhou series will find a lot to love in Wanderer’s integration of Touhou characters in everything from the story and characters, to the enemies and skills throughout the game!
•A Deep Roguelike – While many roguelikes sit on their laurels and challenge players in samey environments and character models, Wanderer delivers fresh paint in spades! Find all the challenge of the roguelikes you love in Wanderer’s side quests and post-story content while feeling fresh through hundreds of unique item images that will help you realize the joy of progress…and the pain of defeat.