Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt

Townsmen: A Kingdom Rebuilt

The medieval building strategy game has a complex economic system that requires you to build production lines, trade efficiently and maintain a balance between tax revenue and the satisfaction of your townspeople. Your city will face seasonal difficulties such as draught in summer and food shortage in winter. A wide variety of buildings and many different jobs for your citizens will help you overcome these and other obstacles. Build military barracks to stand up against vicious bandit attacks, or employ a medic to fight the plague. Firefighters, hunters, farmers, blacksmiths and many more will help you build a stable community. Gain experience for all your deeds as governor of the city and use it in research to improve efficiency through technological advancement.

Expand on the existing gameplay with new buildings, like the military castle that allows for easier defense, the coastal harbor that increases your trading capabilities, or the inn that helps you earn money for having the most beautiful town. A vast amount of new decorations and other useful buildings allow you to create the medieval seaside metropolis you have always dreamed of.

Listen to relaxing new songs and let yourself get carried away by the ambient of the Mediterranean coastline.


  • City-building gameplay set in medieval times
  • Complex economy sim and deep production chains
  • Over 150 different town and production buildings including “Seaside Empire” skins for each one
  • Seasons and weather effects that influence gameplay
  • Citizens have their own daily routines with different demands
  • The overarching “town level” brings player progression for every single deed – you’ll be a better sovereign each time you play the game
  • Devastating (but optional) disasters like fire, the Plague, drought and many more
  • 32 diverse scenarios, challenges and 48 Choice & Consequence story events
  • Unrestricted endless mode on 33 maps
  • Optional military feature with soldiers and bandits
  • New townie language for livelier interactions