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Wappy Dog with Interactive Toy

The next evolution of virtual pets arrives on the Nintendo DSTM family of handheld systems this holiday season in Wappy Dog, a toy puppy that interacts with the player through the Nintendo DSTM. Wappy Dog engages gamers to raise their very own interactive puppy in both the real and virtual worlds and teach cool tricks, play mini-games and even converse! In Home Mode, communicate with Wappy via your Nintendo DS, and watch the physical dog react appropriately. In Travel Mode, interact with Wappy inside the Nintendo DS’s virtual world.


Every Wappy Dog experience is a personalized one. Give Wappy another name, customized both the in-game version and physical dog with different colors and accessories, choose from various environmetns and toys.

Unprecedented Level of Interaction: You interaction with Wappy determines the dogs constantly evolving personality, skills and happiness, just like a real pet – one that sings and dances that is!

Fun and Exciting Mini-Games. Playing cooperative, competitive and supportive games builds a healthy bond between pet and owner. The physical Wappy Dog cheers or cries, expressing mood through sound or movement.

Each Wappy Dog is a Personalized Experience. The amoung of attention players give their pet determines its short-term mood. Five unique age states feature new reactions, songs and even the pitch of its voice.

Players can choose a nickname, and change Wappy?s style as their pet matures from puppy to adult.